Santa Judge‘Tis the season for the Santa Clause wish list. The collated and prioritized list of what we want and/or expect from our nearest and dearest. It’s also a time for judgement. It’s subtle and not so subtle, but it’s there and everyone feels it. Santa has a naughty or nice list, everyone is trying hastily to pull together some good will and peace on earth because His day is coming and at least for one day we have to get are s**t together. Kids will be looking to see if ‘Santa’ got them the latest and greatest thing and family/co-workers/friends will be vying for who had the best or most outrageous or authentic or green or whatever Christmas/Holiday/Kwanza (Hanukkah is done for the year so those results should already be in).

With the season in full swing there is so much business that it can be hard to even experience the events as they happen. The more we are focused on the goal, the less energy we have to feel. The more energy we expend to get things right, get things done, make sure everyone else is happy and has what they need, the less we can experience anything and all we know is the blur of things. So all this talk about slowing down, going inward, having time to yourself, enjoying the moment, when does that become relevant?  When is it your turn to be the one that is happy and getting their needs met?

The answer is very simple. It’s when you decide that it’s relevant. Nothing about the season is physics. None of it is inevitable as gravity other than the march of time. We choose what we do with the time in hand. We choose what we prioritize and how. So we can choose to have a blessed holiday that makes us happy or to be an after thought. We can choose to be trapped by expectations and tasks or we can choose to take a different tack on things. It’s not either or. Making yourself happy is not the polar opposite of making your family happy. Prioritizing yourself does not flip the bird at everyone else. In fact, making yourself a priority can be the greatest gift you give to everyone you love. If you are taking care of you and being happy, your happiness spreads. It makes those who love you happy. It gives them permission to slow down and reprioritize. It invites conversation which can be enlightening when you find that they are just as ready to dispense with the hustle and bustle as you are. Allowing yourself the revolutionary act of acting on what makes you happy, of creating the holiday you want to have creates magic that invites sharing, connection, and love to flow. Which is the actual reason for the season right?

So when is it your turn? 🙂