I had a client recently, who asked me how they would receive a sign that it was time for them to start on their path, to start serving the purpose they designated for themselves in this life.  The question startled me so much that I actually laughed.  We had spent the last 30 minutes discussing their divorce in progress, the dissolution of their current business, that all of their assets were going to be divided, and they were looking for a sign….

It’s not the most common question I hear, but it does come up often enough that I recognize it.  It’s pretty much the flip side of the question, “What’s holding me back?”  If you know what your path is, have seen it clearly and are just waiting for someone to tell you “go” like a runner in the blocks looking down the racetrack, consider yourself told.  “GO!”

Time’s a waistin’ as we’ve all been told, there is no reason you shouldn’t be following your path no matter what your circumstances and only positives to be had by getting started so dig in.  That doesn’t mean setting a bomb to your current life and walking away while everything explodes behind you like on “Burn Notice” or something.  Small actions can have very big effects.  Stop worrying and analyzing and waiting.  Stop looking for the right time.  Every moment of every day is the right time.  Start now and enjoy the ride.