There’s a difference between desiring something, being willing to do “whatever it takes” to get there and actually being ready to do what it will take.  Most people who say they are ready are exactly the ones who aren’t.  Not that they aren’t capable, that the timing is wrong or the elements aren’t there, but they just can’t see that the one thing it takes is their willingness to enter into the process.

There are two different directions that people come from to get to this frustrating place.  One is there at the overly receptive/passive end of the spectrum.  They throw their arms open wide, make themselves ready, prepare a place for the blessings to come and then wait and wait and wait….When it doesn’t happen they try to find what’s wrong and make themselves more ready and more open and more receptive.  Flinging their arms open wide they wait and wait and wait…. It’s like the blonde joke where the blonde is waiting for God to make them the winner of the lottery and on their last day when they are dying on the steps of the church with nothing to their name, starving and cold and at an end they ask “Why didn’t you help me?” and God responds “Why didn’t you buy a lottery ticket?”

On the other end of things from the “God helps those who help themselves” crowd are those who are ready to get there, just tell me what to do as long as it’s something I want to do and I’m completely in control of it and it makes sense and is completely logical and comfortable and doesn’t change anything about who I am or who I want to be.  *whew*  So many people look at becoming, at spiritual growth and learning as if it’s a job skill class where they can learn the information and the technique but  be untouched and unchanged by it.  They don’t see that they need to surrender their control, remove their armor, open themselves to connection, to interconnection, to their true selves, which they may have been hiding from for decades.

This is why I use the phrase, “when you’re ready” a lot when I’m teaching.  Because spirituality is a dance, it’s a conversation, it’s an interconnection that requires the person to both be open but also to commit to action, to make a choice and follow through on it.  It takes the courage to do even though the end result is uncertain and teaches trust in the individual’s ability to handle things even when they are completely new and unknown.  So when you want something and you are preparing to manifest it, take a beat and remember that part of what you’re manifesting is a new aspect of you and check in.  Then when you’re ready…