We have trust issues.  There.  I’ve said it.  Or maybe I should say that we mistrust.  We trust backasswards?  However you want to put it, we’re putting out trust in things we shouldn’t and mistrusting what we should.

We don’t trust our feelings.  On the one hand they are inconvenient, interrupting us at exactly the wrong time concerning exactly the wrong thing and get us all in a swivet when what we need most is to get things done.  On the other hand they keep telling us exactly what we don’t want to hear.  They keep pointing out what isn’t working, what isn’t on track, what isn’t in our best interest and we know.  WE KNOW ALREADY!!!!  We aren’t going to deal with it right now, we’re specifically choosing to not deal with it, it’s just the way it is so shut up!  We can’t trust those pesky feelings so the less said the better.

Meanwhile we have complete trust in our logical, analytical abilities.  Even though our brain is designed to help us through problems and will make problems where there are none, we completely trust it to make decisions for us. Even though it’s not a decision-making engine and sees all options as equal if they have equal risk levels or equal result possibilities.  Even though our analytical brain sees things in grey scale, all things measured on a black and white palate which doesn’t in any way take into account a full color spectrum world.  In fact, our brain struggles against the full spectrum, working against it so that it can fit it into the grey scale system which works best for it.  But this is who and what we trust for decision-making.  The black/white, sees all opportunities as equal or works to make them so, creates problems to solve where there are none logic brain.  Um…ok.

It’s not that we shouldn’t trust our brain, we should.  But we shouldn’t trust it to the exclusion of all other aspects of ourselves.  We shouldn’t trust it so much that we use it in ways it’s not good at like hiring a plumber to make cabinetry or an electrician to roof your house or, like in the recent commercials, hiring a DJ to deal with your financial concerns.  The more we trust all aspects of ourselves, our emotional wisdom as well as our ability to analyze situations, the more we can truly trust ourselves. There’s love in that.