EngineWhile every situation holds something we can learn, not every one is a lesson meant for us. Yes, a long line can teach us patience, but the reason the line is long might not have anything to do with us, nor is our being in that line some kind of message. Sometimes its just a line and sometimes we are there to be the backdrop in someone else’s lesson. We may be the moment of grace, humor, irritation, or simply presence to meet the needs of someone else’s path or situation. It’s not always about us.

Sometimes we become an integral part of a life lesson that someone else just isn’t getting. Some people come into a life with one very important lesson to learn. This means that the life will be tuned to focus all interactions and experiences into an ongoing opportunity for them to learn the lesson, make the choice, choose to be what they came here to be. Like blinders on a horse everything will be situated so that is all they see. This usually means that they have tried to learn the lesson in other ways previous to this life. They have tried learning it before embodiment in a variety of ways, explored all the educational material, been lectured and worked through scenarios all to no avail. They either just don’t get it or just won’t accept it.

So then they come into embodied life. They are here to learn about responsibility or self-sacrifice, about leadership vs. control or about cause and effect, boundaries and so on and so on. But they don’t learn the lesson. They come back again and again, different scenarios, each one more direct and blatant than the last and yet things don’t progress. So they and their teacher create a life where everything is about that. Each interaction, each relationship, job, scenario, all of it is about that. They can’t get away from it. And everyone in their life is not only affected by it, but a part of the lesson. What are we meant to learn from this? Nothing. It’s not our lesson to learn. We’ve probably already learned it long ago. The better question is, “What are we meant to become from this?”  The answer is up to us.