When is someday?  What is the actual date at which someday becomes today and you get to live the life you want? And what does that life actually look like?  Or better yet what does it feel like?

I’ve found that people, myself included, are great at visualizing what their someday will look like and then they take that picture in their mind and use it as a template to check whether or not they’ve arrived at someday.  And because their lives never match that picture they just keep waiting and plodding along.  But what if we were to pay attention to what someday feels like? What will you feel like when your ship comes in? No, don’t think about word pictures of Joy and Elation and Relief.  This are brief moments, not lived realities and they are in the end not really feelings you’re thinking of but pictures of feelings.  What will you, the real you, feel 10 days-10 months-10 years after someday arrives? What will your life feel like?  What does living your best life feel like?  Never thought about it?  Never let yourself feel it?  Then how will you know when you’ve arrived?

Over and over throughout life we experience the fact that what we thought something would look like or what form we thought it would take or what the experience would be like is completely different from the reality.  But the feeling, how we would feel about it and how we would feel about ourselves during and after it are usually spot on unless we underestimate how good it’s going to be. 🙂  Yet for some reason we rely on our thoughts, our visual constructs, to guide us in discovering and implementing our someday dreams. We set ourselves up to fail…over and over again.  And the question in my mind is not, why do we keep doing that, it’s why aren’t we feeling ourselves towards the best lives we can have.  Why aren’t you?

So today, set aside the visuals and expectations you have about someday.  Let yourself truly feel what your someday will feel like.  Once you know that feeling you have a natural and unerring guide that will lead you towards it sooner rather than some never to be reached someday.