I remember a reading I had with a talented Akashic reader not only for the information I got, but for it being the first time I encountered Akashic beings speaking in weird ways.  In this case, when she worked to channel my guides, they spoke in a variation of english-what-shakespeareShakespearian English which was very difficult to understand and which she would translate after they were finished speaking the entire message.  I was intrigued and at the same time I was confused.  I mean, it was difficult for her to get into a space where she could produce the message, then it was difficult for her clients to understand the message and she had to go through the message and interpret it.  Why would anyone’s guide want to put us all through the hassle if the information is so important?  And why Shakespearian English?  Or it could have been King James English, I have a hard time distinguishing between the two as would most anybody but a historian or a serious Anglophile.

As I studied and worked more with the Akashics and with Akashic readers I also found readers who, for some reason, were channeling message that seemed to come from the planet Yoda.  It was English, but the syntax was odd making everything cryptic and difficult to understand.  These were usually easier to parse since there’s a rhythm to it and once you get it, like Pig Latin, you can translate it in your head at speed.

The thing is, why?  This is the question that plagued me for years.  I mean, these beings don’t use verbal language even when they are interacting with us.  They are telepathic beings putting the meaning directly into our heads.  So why would they choose idiosyncratic language when working with a channel?  Or why would the channel receive it that way?  And does the same thing happen to readers in Russia or France or Germany?  Does the information come through in some archaic language form as if there’s a weird time dilation?

I think the question plagued me because I, as a reader, don’t get that kind of language response from any being I encounter in the Akashics no matter what type of being or what level in the hierarchy they are.  In fact, I have found that since the purpose of communication between us is to get the meaning in the clearest way possible, for the most part the information comes through in regular English (or for me it’s sometimes in sign language since I’m fluent in ASL) if it is something we are “talking” about and through the symbolic nature of the Akashics which is not connected to verbal language, for the most part.  Putting the message into an archaic language form or putting it into a foreign language would not only have no intrinsic value but would cause a delay in my understanding what they are trying to say.

Which means, at this point, I’m fairly sure that the reason the language is coming through that way is not because that’s how the beings actually communicate.  It seems to me that it is too coincidental that all the beings that English speakers work with speak archaic or odd versions of English.  If this were about how those being speak, you’d think there would be instances of languages no one has heard of , languages the person doesn’t speak like Aboriginal Australian, Russian, Castilian Spanish, Zulu, and that they would come up with language that is completely foreign, not vocal at all or that is pure sound that has to be sung.  For whatever reason, well intentioned or otherwise, the reader seems to need to have the message come through in a language they speak, but in a form that is archaic or odd.  More than likely to give authority to the message, to make it more mystical and spiritual, to lend it some outer appearance of wisdom without becoming spectacle.  Which is fine, but I prefer my message clear and succinct or as far as I can get it in that direction when dealing with spiritual matters and the big questions.