For some people it can feel like absolutely everything that can go wrong is going wrong and the world is conspiring against them and they go looking for that magic thing either within them or outside of them that is the key to turn it all around.  Because there must be something and they just haven’t found it yet.  For other people everything that can go wrong is going wrong.  I mean, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you aren’t being followed. 8/
But what if the issue isn’t that “something’s wrong” but that it’s time to do something right?  What if things aren’t going well because they aren’t what you’re supposed to be doing?  I mean, if you keep wishing for that someday when you can go do the thing you’ve always dreamed about, what happens when that time arrives?  Do you know what that will look like?  What if it’s already arrived more than once and you’ve said no to it over and over yet keep wishing for it to arrive?  Wouldn’t the powers that be make the message even louder?

In fact, it does.  There are times when the situation being described reminds me of a Kids In the Hall  skit. The person keeps asking and the universe keeps responding.  And the response gets louder and louder and more blatant until it is received and acted upon, or the person stops asking, or someone gets a concussion…   If things aren’t working out, it’s usually not because there is something that the person is missing, it’s because they have discounted a possibility, an obvious choice, are refusing to give up the perspective that is causing the issue, or are flat out moving in the opposite direction from where they need to be going.

To which, with all due respect and reverence, I would like to pass on the wisdom that has helped and supported me through these exact circumstances:  “Look skyward….”