Putting words to things is a way in which to manifest them. We know this because we all realize from a very early age that saying a thing out loud makes it real. We will avoid having to say the words for as long as possible in order to keep things from being final. At the same time, we often journal and write fiction, blog and post on social media in order to bring things into focus. The act of writing coalesces meaning out of the swirl inside, making what was blurry clear or at least clearer.  However, the words always come after the meaning has already occurred.  Words communicate meaning, they don’t create it. They allow us to wrap our head around something that we already know, that we already are or are becoming.

Sometimes there is a gap between ourselves and the words, like a space where a question mark is hovering. There is a doingness that hasn’t been done yet, a step between who we are now and what we know inside ourselves which hasn’t yet been taken. Our mind can’t bridge it. There is nothing yet for our words to work with and so if we try to explain, what we end up with is empty words which collapse around us. In that space is a need to experience what it is we are attempting to know, to be, or to express. When people try to convey that space, often their hands begin to flutter or clutch, their bodies begin moving, because what they are looking for is within them trying to manifest into the world.

People think of creating as attempting to define the world. To confine it or make our mark on it. Sometimes this is true, but for the most part it is a way we are manifesting ourselves into the world one project at a time. Whether that is fixing something around the house or sculpting in marble, sewing a button on a shirt or painting in oils the act of creating brings truth and a fuller knowing of ourselves out into the light where it can be seen. It is a way in which our soul interconnects with the embodied world to make a new thing which has never existed before. Once we have entered into this doing of our being, then the words begin to flow.