Just in case anyone had forgotten, I ran across an article that just made me laugh.  I had to check it out and it’s true: Amazon rents goats.  Yes, you can submit a request for goats to come and manicure your property.  A professional goat loaner will contact for details and with pricing info.

In the NW it’s something that corporations and municipalities with large swaths of land use to maintain it.  I’m not sure if that’s a green solution or outsourcing because it does take jobs away from landscapers.

You can see some pics of McMenamins using them to keep the Tacoma Elk’s Lodge property clear.

This is the year where we all get down to the “chop wood/carry water” of transformation.  Or the chew it up and poop it out of transforming, as it were.  There’s still a couple of months yet.  How much progress have you made this year?