So it’s January and in this year of the horse we’re being asked to get a move on.  Actually, we’re being asked to keep up because the energy is moving with or without us.  For many people that will mean taking the first steps towards achieving our dreams, finally letting go of the have to’s and walking into a life we’ve been preparing for all these years, or realizing that “someday” has become now and we get to start living our bliss.  Yay!!!!

For others this just brings on confusion and frustration and the feeling of being stuck or lost.  Because everything we’re being told, all the wisdom around us, all the synchronicities are causing the response “Yes, but…”  But I’ve already done this a million times and nothing changes.  I’ve already tried something exactly like this and so what?  I’ve known about this forever and it’s never interested me.  I can see that it’s a logical step but I’ve always found that it’s better if I do it this way….

“Yes, but” is a huge red flag on the play.  It means you’ve seen the forest, but not the trees.  It means you’ve learned the words, but not received the message.  I liken it to doing a workout routine really, really fast, with precision.  Yes, you got your reps in.  Yes you have great form.  But you got almost none of the benefit, you weren’t challenged at all, and you didn’t allow the experience to have its moment which could have led you to whole new aspects of yourself and the world around you.  So yay, you got the form of the process down, but none of the actual meaning or function.  So let’s try again, shall we?

hand gogglesIf this year of the Horse is challenging you to accomplish something where you feel stuck and at your wit’s end, back up and take another look at it.  Because, as we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and thinking you’ll get a different result.  It’s not a mistake that you’re stuck in this spot, it’s that there is still something to be learned.  So put your hand goggles on and start looking at things from another perspective.  The point is not to go through the process ONE – MORE – TIME it’s to see that there is something underneath the process, there is something behind it that you haven’t seen, haven’t dealt with, haven’t realized yet and that’s what you need to get to.