Plenty of people feel stuck in their lives not only because they don’t know how to get out of the situations they’ve managed to get themselves into over the years, but also because they don’t know what they would do once they were out.  They have no idea what they want to do, what they are good at, what would be the best thing for them, etc. At least, that’s what they think.  In all my years working with people I have only run across a two that I can say legitimately had that as an issue.  So when I hear a client saying that they just don’t know what they want or where to go next I say (mostly to myself) “Yes you do.”

And it usually comes out as we’re working through information in their body and in their soul book that they actually do.  They usually know in great detail what they want to be doing, how they want to be doing it, and how much.  In fact once they tap into that aspect of the conversation it’s like they uncorked something and it comes gushing.  They go from frustrated or dreary and anxious and a bit hopeful to energetic and alive and technicolor within seconds.  What’s fascinating is that there’s not magic trick or sleight of hand in this.  There’s no subconscious brain twisting a handle bar mustache and plotting to make us miserable or some gremlin of fate causing us to constantly forget.  In each case the client can also line out for me in detail why they aren’t doing those things.

It’s usually pretty simple: their brains have decided that they can’t do them.  Sometimes it’s that they can do them for other people, which takes all the joy out of them like moving from being an artist to a graphic designer on a tight schedule making product for a company they hate. Sometimes it’s that they aren’t allowed to do them because that would be selfish and everyone else has to come first or else things go wrong ie. the person gets in trouble with their spouse/children and that’s to be avoided at all costs. Sometimes it’s because what the person wants has been labeled by their brain as frivolous and worthless and so can never be indulged in at all.  If it’s not significant to others or doesn’t reach a certain bar on the significant meter, it’s not worth doing and even worse is a waste of time when other significant things could be happening.

We actually have a place inside ourselves where we know what it is we really want to be doing and what would make us happy.  It’s not a small voice, it’s not whispering and it’s not going away.  Our brain works hard to keep it in its supposed place.  So next time you start to think, I don’t know what I want, take a step towards revolution.  Say “Yes I do.”