Ever heard “Words are just words” or “Actions speak louder than words”?  While words have power, our actions show our beliefs and our intent even if we don’t know consciously what they are saying.  Choosing over and over to stay home and watch other people live their lives says that you’re not good enough and others are more worthy.  Constantly putting yourself in harmful situations by drinking too much or taking recreational drugs shows that you believe you have no value, that you lack something, and so you’re trying to make up for it by adding substances.  People around you will see this and respond accordingly.

Look at your actions today.  Just look at them.  Don’t judge them, don’t beat yourself up, because, haven’t you done enough of that already?  Look at what you are telling yourself and the world about who you are by the things you choose to do.  Is what you do…what you believe…true?  If it’s not, choose to do something different.  Just one thing.  Try it and see what happens…you’ll be amazed.