Life is happening, you have hopes for what you will be doing these next few days, people need your presence, but your body has other plans.    There are things you would enjoy doing, things you would love to do, things that you need to do, but your body has other plans.  And you win the lottery in that there are things on TV that you would enjoy watching while you are stuck at home, but your body has other plans.  You have a rhythm to your life that works, a way of being in the world that is effective and fun, but your body has other plans.

Now you are in an undiscovered country.  Nothing like this has ever happened to you before.  What you have expected and known about your body is no longer the truth. A part of who you are has changed without your permission or any warning at all and you have no idea of the change is temporary, permanent, or just a precursor to more change.  What comes next?  How do I live my life now?  Perhaps I’ll just breath at the moment because time seems to not matter and my priorities are to make it through the next hour.  Somehow things that were important to me just 24 hours ago don’t mean much at all and someone else can take care of them.  Nice to have that weight of caring slip off my back for the moment.  And more comfortable since I’m lying on it…alot.

When your life narrows down to the essentials, what do you do?  What do you see?  How do you feel?  Who are you?  Who is there around you?  What choices do you make?  How do you make it through?  If you come out the end of the event, how are you changed?  If this is a permanent new you, who are you now?  Are you full of bitterness or wonder?  Are you more fully aware of yourself or do you fight to pretend it never happened and go back to being the old you?  Who are you now?