Avenue of the GiantsWhile I have found that the truth can set you free, freedom isn’t always what we need. Nor is an intellectual understanding of what’s true.  So many people can wrap their minds around the truth and yet that does nothing to help them feel it or embody it, especially in the ways that would make it meaningful. So it is actually the truth if all it does is sit in our minds? Is it true if we try to paste it on ourselves like a bandage only to have it continuously slip off again?

There are meditations that can take us into our core self.  Truths lie in that still place of timeless everything in the nowhere of the constant now. In our center we can find the firm foundation which allows us to get our feet under us. In that place of true knowing lies the inarguable truths about who and what we are. No amount of gas lighting or manipulation can affect it. We are who we are in the ever-present, I AM. But these truths don’t expand outward into action. They are a haven from the storms of living, but not a map for how to move forward. If we aren’t careful they can become a dodge, a way to avoid living, avoid choosing, avoid responsibility which are significant elements of manifesting the life we want and deserve to live.

It’s our mysterious inner truths which can provide us healing and grace. These truths like not in our center, nor in the hidden recesses of our mind, but in our bodies, in our lived experience of the world. They are in the knee jerk reactions to something which catch us by surprise. They are the cry in the night that wells up from our soul. They are in the feeling which comes again and again without cause and without resolution, trying to impart its wisdom while we desperately try to ignore the message and medicate the effects. When we stop looking at these as brokenness and instead as the truth, as the deep truth gifted to us through the blending of soul with embodied life, healing begins. Like all truths, they are rarely sublime, almost always problematic and a call to action…or inaction. To stop a thing is sometimes the most healing thing you can do.  So don’t worry about going inside to find your inner wisdom, it will come up to the surface on its own. Instead, validate it as part of you, honor that it has wisdom to share rather than shame or brokenness to impart, and follow where the conversation leads. In this there is healing.