Every human being is a complex and unique individual.  Full of experience, education, nurturing and neglect, thoughts and ideas, creativity and passion, let alone the capacity for living a fully integrated life in a Universe that is astoundingly diverse and infinitely variable.  When I start working with someone I listen to their plans, their needs, their issues, and their angst…and then I put it all aside to be looked at later and ask them to start at the beginning.  “Know Thyself” is the first step towards living a full life in this complexity we call a Universe.  And it’s not easy.  I get that.  That’s what I’m here for.

In the Akashics there is a record of each of us.  A literal record of all we have been, have done, have thought, all of it.  From the beginning when our souls were created, through our formative time, through all of our embodied lifetimes, including this one, and everything in between.  I call it a Soul Book because that is how it appears to the majority of us when we goto the Akashic library to access it.  What is amazing about it is that, just as each human is unique, so to is each Soul Book.  It is a record of that soul, imbued with all that soul is, and in essence is an extension of that soul itself.  Therefore reading from someone’s Soul Book gives the most amazing insights into that person.  Just looking at the book itself can tell me so much.  The size, age, and binding tell me a great deal.  Then there can be designs or symbols and general condition as well.  Opening the book leads to amazing discoveries and adventures that can help a person understand the why of mysterious behavior, trends in events in their lives, and understanding of why they are here and what they planned to do or be.

There is no way that I know of to see others clearly or the world until you can see yourself with some form of clarity.  I don’t think the goal is to be completely clear in all aspects.  If that were the case we would be here without bodies and just observe everything.  We are here to participate in life and that requires bodies, therefore some level of separation from others.  I actually think that this separation is somewhat of a gift because it makes the coming together so much more beautiful, intentional, and meaningful rather than just a condition that we all exist in.  Therefore we will always have our own unique perspective and lives lived within ourselves.  But if we don’t actually know who we are, then we are subject to the whims of fate everywhere we turn.  We will simply react and react and react instead of choosing our lives.  Beauty will be a random circumstance and joy will be a function of luck.  I prefer to create beauty where I can, enjoy it where I find it, and make joy for myself and others as much as possible.  How about you?