Each person has a book in the Akashic Library.  Just that in itself to me is dazzling.  Each of us is unique enough, important enough, worth enough to have our own book that records who and what we are.  Rockin!  Each book records information we don’t hold onto when we come here in a body as it would interfere with our living our lives here in a body among others in bodies.  But why?

You know, I love a good mystery and a read them and watch them on TV all the time.  My brain loves the twists and turns and the figuring out of “why”.  So I love reading people’s books in the Akashics.  It’s like a new mystery being laid out for me and the client.  But why?  Why should all this be a mystery?  What’s so dangerous or so powerful that we can’t know it here?  Is it like a bomb that if you touch it, it explodes?

Nope, turns out it’s the Free Will and ability to choose thing that catches up to us every time. The bane of Adulthood that walks hand in hand with Responsibility.  If you knew everything that you were, everything that you had been, and exactly what you had planned before you ever got here, then you would be influenced to act a certain way.  Just like a Jury at a trial, the Judge doesn’t let them see certain evidence that might be prejudicial, you aren’t allowed to know everything in order to allow you to experience everything on its own merits and choose in the moment what is best, most fun, or what have you.

But when you’re ready, when you get to the spot when you heart says “Hey wait.  I feel like something’s missing.  There’s more to me than this” that’s when you know it’s time to look.  It’s time to go back to the book and look at the notes that you left for yourself, to see what when before and why, what is going on with your now, and what you can do for your future.  Which is great.  Because I love a good mystery.  How will yours unfold?