We are all spiritual beings living an embodied life.  These bodies that we are in are neither a natural form for us to exist in nor a symbolic emanation of our spiritual selves.  They are not a meat suit we are wearing over our true selves nor are they meat cars we are driving around in.  They are a co-creator of this embodied life that we are experiencing.  They are an integral part of our being, one half of the equation of a living human and the partner we chose to have for this experience.

This body that we chose for this life is not a machine programmed to act specific ways which tends to breakdown with use over time.  It is a living organism responding to our soul fire, our actions, the effects of the world around us, as well as its own needs for health and well being.  Acting as if it is separate, as if it is something other than ourselves can prevent us not only from perceiving the wisdom that it has to share concerning all aspects of our life, but also keeps us from being able to reach our full potential.  The body needs as much attention, love, care, and support as the rest of us.  If it is mistreated and ignored then we cannot blame it for not doing what we need it to do.  The blame must lie elsewhere.

The body is not just a container for the soul but enmeshed with it.  Enriching one enriches the other.  Enriching the body through dance, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or martial arts enriches the soul as well.  Moving our life force, allowing our bodies to fully express themselves, enhance their potential, reach beyond the known into the adventure of the unexplored echoes the experience of our inner selves and allows that to expand as well.  Listening to your body to receive the message it has for you right now is a start.  What are you trying to tell yourself?