Many cultures see snake symbology as fire, the element that succinctly changes something from one form into another.  It changes complex, multifunctional, crafted items into base components in moments, alters the sense of separateness into one of forced unity through deconstruction, and threatens our sense of control and what we know to be unalterable truths in a heartbeat.  Fire brings us heat, it gives us the energy to convert items into digestible comestibles, it allows us to survive in habitats and weather where we wouldn’t otherwise.  So it is as flexible and changeable in its relationship with us as it is with any object that it transforms by burning.

However, this year is the water snake and so its properties don’t have to do with fire, which is an external alteration which can consume us until the change is complete from the outside in, but with water which means a change from the inside out.  While some pundits will say that water snake signifies slow change, I would have to disagree.  Having lived in Texas for several years I don’t find Water Moccasins slow-moving at all nor would I want to count on their slowness when meeting them.  And water properties don’t necessarily include slowness as anyone who has even seen footage of a Tsunami would attest.  So this year the change is from the inside out and will doubtless be slow-moving for some, but for most will be challenging because the momentum of 2012’s Dragon is still in play.

I believe that this year will be more about surfing that it will be about cautious, thought out, preplanned journey’s into our interior.  Dragon has heard our prayers and activated our dreams, shaking us up and helping us on our way towards becoming who we have wanted to become, either joyfully or a bit forcefully.  Water Snake of 2013 is hear to help us shake off the surprise of it all and help us see where this leads, which is into ourselves to challenge those deeply held beliefs that are holding us back and allow us to take action on the opportunities that have been laid out before us.

So don’t think it through, trust that you already know and just surf what is coming your way.  Clean out the closets, take that job offer that just appeared, accept that the wild thoughts you are having aren’t day dreams and start acting on them.  Even if they make no sense or make no money or seem to take you in a completely different direction from where you were headed before.  Snake moves in winding patterns and so will you.  Stand up on the board and enjoy the ride.