2013 – the year of the water snake – can also be translated into Tarot terms as the Death card.  This is not a literal death, although it can be for those who are ready to make the final transition from this life back into spirit.  It is actually a very natural process of transformation.

It can be seen as an external journey of transition from one state of being to another such as moving from one apartment to another, one city to another, one job to another, or one relationship (or several) to another.  But in the year of the water snake the external transitions have already happened and we are dealing with how that affects us personally or they will happen as a result of our working on ourselves personally.  Because water means going within.  Which means these transformations are about being lead to the entrance of someplace we have never been and going inside that place, learning and growing and becoming, then coming out again with an entire new perspective on life.

This is the medicine journey of transformation.  We see it in the tale of Persephone who is taken into the Underworld, is met with challenges in all aspects of her life, and returns.  In broad terms she is a girl and through experience she becomes a woman.  This can be seen in more matriarchal terms in the story of Inanna.  She goes into the depths to find and rescue her sister, having to strip herself of everything she has ever known and been.  And in the end she isn’t able to rescue her sister, but provides her with the healing she needs to rescue herself.  And Inanna is changed as well becoming sovereign over her life and literally becoming a new woman.

Dragon has shaken us and put us through the shake, rattle and roll of an amazing roller coaster year.  This year challenges us to face what happened, go deeply into ourselves, allow what has happened to change us and mold us, to co-create ourselves with these new experiences, and return to our lives changed and better and more than we were before.  Because the true death is pretending that nothing happened and that everything is exactly as it was before.  Change may seem like death, but there is new life in it.  The snake cannot rejuvenate without letting go of the old skin.  That old skin isn’t a dead snake, it’s just the way things used to be.  This year is the process of sluffing off that old skin.  Will you voluntarily walk through the door to start the process?

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