A friend of mine was at my house and we were talking clothes. Yep, I’m female and sometimes I’m a cliché. 🙂 But I was stunned when she turned to me and said “Your life is so much fun. Look at all of this!”. Now, I enjoy my life, don’t get me wrong, but the word “fun” doesn’t normally jump out at me when discussing my life so I really had to think for a minute what she meant.

She was pointing to a small selection of dresses and tops that I have which could be described as ‘not for daily or business attire.’ They are dresses, corsets, and fancy dress jackets that I have collected over the years and that I wear to plays, parties, and other upscale events. None of them were incredibly expensive because I can’t afford anything of that nature. But I would concur, they are fun.

What’s really depressing to me is that she said she didn’t have any. And the upshot of the conversation was that she didn’t feel she deserved any. She didn’t know where she would wear them, her life was incredibly boring, and she would just stick to her work clothes as it all seemed hopeless. I surrendered to the avalanche of negativity and victimization because I didn’t even know where to start. Before you can have fun, you have to believe you are worthy of having fun. No dress can give you that. And no amount of fun heaped on you will change your opinion until you’re ready.