Society so applauds competition that it creates competitive concepts within itself.  It makes additive behavior seem and feel like a reward and makes rewards look like self-indulgent behavior.  It makes self-sacrifice and hard work for others seem virtuous even, or specifically, when it is damaging to you and makes it feel like doing anything for the self hurts others.


Even more silly is the notion that the outcome of any endeavor is the reward.  That’s something our minds come up with because that works in the mental world.  But the rest of our selves is in a body and has feelings and needs something more than an amorphous, I’ll get my reward some day.

So when you are dreaming big, and you are aren’t you, make sure you give yourself more than the goal to feel good about.  Reward yourself for each step you take.  Show yourself appreciation for the work you do. Be the boss that you’ve always dreamed of having, one that rewards effort, applauds success, and support you through failures and missteps.  See, one more dream achieved – having the best boss ever.  🙂