A great deal of focus in the world of spirituality is focused on ‘finding your bliss’ or figuring out your path in this life.  Which is great and as it should be.  But what I have found over time is that there are three general ways in which one can walk their path.

The first is in living a good life.  If you’re a good person, good to others, doing good works, creating positive things and sometimes adding in the random act of kindness, you are walking your path.  It’s kinda Path 101.

The second way is the one that people focus on, the path they are meant to live in this life.  By which they mean, what is the goal, the added action item, the thing which I came here to do which makes the world a better place in some way beyond just my being here.   And it’s a great way to live, takes courage and conviction, not because it is intrinsically hard, but quite the opposite.  It’s easy to do things, even hard things, when they make you happy, which living your path does.  It’s going against everything that you’ve been taught about how life works that’s hard.  It’s trusting in the Universe when you’re told to do something irrational or contrary to common knowledge.  It’s about creating an examined life that looks like nobody else’s and that is perfect for you.   Live the dream.

But there is a third way that people don’t know to even think about.  And that’s about the path that you didn’t preplan for yourself.  One that goes beyond the expectations you as a soul had for yourself when you planned out this life.  It’s the one that says, I’m living the plan, now what else can I do?  It’s the one that says, this feels bigger and more and better than I imagined, am I imagining that?  Nope.  You’re being handed the upgraded, top-tier level opportunity, the first class version of your path.  Are you willing to step into that and see where it leads?  Because that path, the 343 level of Path living requires more becoming than you’ve done to date.  It asks you to remember far more of who you truly are than you had thought you would. It opens up levels of bliss you’ve not known before as well as responsibility and possibility…It’s the kind of life I like to think of as ‘more and.’

So when things start going right, enjoy.  When they start going better than right, take a deep breath.  When opportunities show up that seem like they are going to lead you down Alice’s rabbit hole maybe they will.  Or maybe they will lead you to levels of self-knowledge and being you never dreamed of, not even when you know what you were dreaming about. 🙂