On the one hand ‘know thyself’ is the hardest thing to do in the world.  It’s not necessarily flattering, it challenges all of the avoidance/survival mechanisms we’ve acquired (business, denial, self-medication), and asks us to change our identity with which we have become comfortable if not happy.  However, it is one of THE best things to do in the world.  Because the truth really will set you free.  Because once you know who you are, all that energy you were expending in order to hide can now go towards achieving your dreams, supporting your best self, exploring what is possible.

And here lies the other shoe.  Do you hear it dropping?  Once you ‘know yourself’ there is a tendency to think that what you know is set in stone, is all there is, is something that is safe because knowing means controlling.  If you know who you are you’re in control of yourself, right?  LOL  Sure you are.  Let me know how that point of view works for you.  I’ll be over here trying feebly to get ahold of myself.  Because my self-control slipped there for a moment.

The thing is, ‘know thyself’ is a process not a goal.  It’s a way of living. It’s not about control, permanency and containment, it’s about knowing that you’ve got hands to you can hold them out to receive more.  It’s about knowing the starting point so you can take the next step.  It’s about knowing what you’ve got so you can move forward to discover more mystery.  I sometimes have to point this out to my clients because they think that in this area or that they are good, they are pro, they are covered.  Well, but what if the situation changes?  What if they expand and grow and what they do becomes bigger, they expand their experience to do more aspects of things, what then?

Don’t like the ‘I know’ part of yourself limit you by thinking that’s all there is to know about you or about that particular aspect of you.  There is so much more.  The Akashics will help you explore it not only there, but here as well.  Because the Akashics is not some otherwhere, it’s here too.  And what you learn there is meant to help you live here.  And the magic there is just a preview of the magic you can experience here.  If you let go of what you know…