Free Will is the most amazing gift.  It allows us to have huge amounts of autonomy over our lives.  Even though there might be a plan for us and how we live our lives, we can choose to do something different or crazy or better or 90 degrees from that plan.  Which is part of the magic that is living an embodied life.  It’s full of possibilities and we don’t have to live out anyone’s expectations, even our own. 🙂

But with this gift comes responsibility.  No so much in “be careful what you wish for” although that is definitely a thing where free will is concerned.  But more in a “you are a big kid now and have to do for yourself” kinda way.  Because without a plan, we have to figure things out for ourselves.  We won’t be handed decisions as a fait accompli and there won’t be anyone showing up to dissuade us from making mistakes or taking unwarranted chances.  Not unless we’ve agreed to allow that.

So don’t wait for a sign to make a decision about something.  Make a decision and then ask for a sign as confirmation.  Because you have free will and no one can tell you what you must do.  On the other hand, pretty much everyone, including your guides and teacher and guardian angels, have opinions.  And oh yes, they’ll share.  All you have to do is ask. 🙂