Apply Akashic AdviceOne of the places you can visit in the Akashics is the First Forest.  It is a vast place which spans every conceivable ecosystem of forest that we know and those that no longer exist here and others that have never existed here, but are possible or that are echos of other places.  It is the essence of ‘forest’, if you will, and you can experience it directly.

The First Forest is something that draws us, that sings to our souls, if you will.  It is the essence of community, of integrated relationships, of harmony without the Kumbayah.  Because in the forest, not everyone is happy all the time.  Even in Winnie the Pooh’s forest.  🙂  Things come into existence, live, then pass out of it again.  All things are in movement, in communication, all the time.  Such is the rhythm of life in the First Forest.

One of the reasons we seek out the First Forest and feel so energized by it is its essential nature.  Like volcanic islands, it is elemental.  All the constituent elements of life – earth, air, fire, water – are active there and they awaken us from our semi-conscious state into full awareness of our beingness and our potential.  The forest helps us remember who we are and who we can be.  And we are not alone in that desire.  There are beings that reside there, what in Native cultures we would call the First People, and that you might be able to meet if you visit there.

Like all wild places the First Forest has its own rules and to visit there you need to learn them, take them into consideration when choosing your actions, and abide by them.  But that’s part of the draw, right?  To immerse yourself in a place and a feeling that you’ve forgotten but can remember again?