A bit of the Akashics on Earth

Much of my work with the Akashics and what I teach to my students is reconnecting with the Akashics by going there.  Through my energetic work with clients and guided meditations with students I journey to the Akashics and reexperience life there.  However, the goal of my work is to bring that experience, the knowledge and wisdom and learning here into this life and allow it to influence how we live.  Others do this as well through various means, one of which is to build labyrinths.  The labyrinth is a symbol of growth and balance, but also a conduit for Akashic energy and a means of traveling between states of being.  Used as a walking meditation a labyrinth can allow the walker to enter into a state where healing and attunement with the higher self is possible.  It allows for more direct interaction with the All that Is and to be able to receive guidance with from guides, angels, and other wisdom beings.

Walking a labyrinth with its spirals and turnings brings us into contact with ancient female energies, with an organic process of creation that allows us to see new opportunities and view things from a new perspective. It is a good way to come into harmony with changes that are occurring in the Universe and that are becoming more prevalent in the world as we near the end of this Dragon year, 2012.  I have recently found a website that allows you to locate labyrinths new you and I had no idea there were so very many available.  It is more than likely that there are more than two or three in your local area.  I recommend you check it out here:  http://labyrinthlocator.com/