There seem to be three different ways in which people experience the Akashics. Meeting up with a guide/angel/higher being to be told some information/wisdom/lesson, wandering through a building/city/temple/garden that is fantastic like Wonderland but uninhabited, or going directly to some ‘dimension’ where things are so completely different from what we understand life to be, and yet completely familiar at that the time but indescribable upon return.  I know it may be a chicken/egg situation, but I’m still wondering whether this is because it’s what the person truly needs and it matches their skill set or because it’s what they expect from having been told about other’s experiences.  Which tells you a bit about me as well…wonder what I’m pondering while gazing out the window….now you know.  🙂

The reason why I ponder this is because it seems very constrictive and limiting.  These are not the only experiences available in the Akashics nor necessarily the most valuable to have.  And they seem to presuppose that the person travelling there is a tourist or even a child wandering into places where they do not belong or they are interrupting the work of adults who do not wish to be bothered. Yet the Akashics is the home of all souls.  It is where we reside when we are not in bodies and we will return there upon our death.  We go there in our sleep weekly and maintain connection with it at all times.  Going there consciously is a skill that can be learned and utilized by all people so why limit the usefulness of the experience to asking others to tell you what you already have access to via your Soul Book?  Why limit your wanderings to uninhabited areas or areas that are rarely used?  There are great expanses of the Akashics are exist specifically for our education and support that we can access at any time and beings who reside there who are more than willing to work with us to help us with this mortal life.  They want to help us achieve our greatest potential including being the best physical being that we can be.

When seeking to reach the Akashics, I suggest that you not ask for your particular teacher or guide, but a guide or teacher or being that is best able to support you in the question or issue that you are working on.  And allow the Akashics to unfold before you without preconceived notions of what will appear.  You may end up in a grotto with a waterfall, in a cabin on the side of a hill, talking with a warrior on a battlefield, or sipping tea in a cozy cottage with a gentleman willing to tell you the tale of yourself.  Don’t struggle to figure out who these beings are to you, because they may not be related to you at all.  Not everyone is and not every being that is willing to help you is someone you have known in a previous life.  These may actually be beings that, unrelated to you, have your best interest at heart and simply want you to be you and be happy.

That’s something to give thanks for.