Many people are feeling that they are being called, that they have a sacred/spiritual calling and they are hearing that the time is now to start walking that path.  But what is it?  Some people know in general but don’t know how to get to the specifics, some people know it is something spiritual but don’t know what, and others have no idea and feel very confused and frustrated.  These are all just steps along the way.  I know it’s trite, but it’s true: it’s not about the goal, it’s about the journey.  Because in the end, there is no ‘one’ goal and you can’t know all the goals that you set in motion or helped people to achieve or supported through your own actions.  And who would want to?  That’s a lot of responsibility and stress for no reason. So walk each step of your path knowing that it is a win/win for everyone involved regardless of the ultimate outcome.

The Akashics can help you in the process in ways you might not realize are available to you. The Akashics can at times be very literal in its communications and so, if you put yourself in a light meditative state and ask to be shown your path, you will be provided with a place where you can walk a path that leads to enlightenment on the subject matter.  Sometimes this is a park like setting, sometimes a field with crops or wildflowers, other times its in the mountains or near a waterfall.  Of course the beach is always a welcome options. 🙂  It is always a place that provides the individual peace and happiness and allows them to relax.  This facilitates the communication.

When you see the path, follow it.  Most times you will reach a place where someone is waiting for you.  It is rarely your primary teacher, but instead is someone who is there specifically to guide you through your process of walking your own personal spiritual path.  They could be someone you recognize from this lifetime or they could be a figure you have never met before.  It doesn’t actually matter since they are there for your best and highest good. Sometimes the being won’t present itself as human at all.  It will appear as an animal guide with wisdom to share.  Or there may not be a being, but some object with written instructions or personal meaning for you.

Whatever occurs, this is your path and your place and you can go there as often as necessary to receive information, education, and support as you walk you path from mundane things like “How can I support myself while I do this?” to “What does it all mean?”  You are a creature of light, a spirit walking this world and as you walk your path the Universe is here to support you.