When people access the Akashic records, they don’t notice the physical healing they experience.  This is because they are focused on the mental side of things, on getting information.  They may notice emotional healing if their practice goes in that direction.  The physical healing they receive can be subtle and is usually attributed to the fact that they relax to get into the meditative state and rest is what they need.

Most people never awaken to the physical process because they don’t access the Akashics that often.  They do it a couple of times and they are done.  For those who work with it on a regular basis, the healing becomes noticeable.  Just like doing any physical exercise repeatedly over time will build up muscle and promote health.

But like any healthy practice, we humans tend to resist this procedure.  As much as we want the outcome, we fear it, we resist change, and we don’t want to feel out of control.  And the one thing we have nominal control over is our body.  So either consciously or unconsciously we resist the physical healing provided by work in the Akashics once it reaches a certain point or a certain level.  We don’t even acknowledge that the body is a part of the process of our accessing the Akashics, thinking of it like a suit that we are sluffing off in order to be free and perfected.  And yet the entire time we are firmly attached to it and missing out on an integral piece of the healing process.

Because the kicker is that no amount of healing in any of our other aspects will be fully and flagrantly effective if the body is not involved as a coequal part.  This is one of the biggest lessons for people when they start doing medicine work or learning indigenous healing practices.  They body is required.  Thoughts are connected with the body, bodies engage in emotions, the body guides and cradles the soul.  It’s not a machine that breaks down or misbehaves randomly.  And so the Akashics works with it too.  And some of the most amazing ‘aha’ moments, spontaneous healings, life altering inspirations come through that level of healing. They come through letting go, accepting, and trusting in the Akashics and your own body wisdom.  What else is Prana/Chi/Ki other than our interconnectedness with the Akashics, the river of live that flows through us and all around us.  Be filled and allow that river to wash away what no longer serves.  You’ll be amazed and how wonderous life can be when you do.