For those people who have difficult, damaged, or non-existent relationships with the person who was/is in the role of mother in your life, Bear is an amazing animal guide or totem to work with.  Bear is incredibly strong, amazingly fast, self-reliant, and capable of judging how much action or inaction is necessary to achieve their goal within an instant. Bears conserve their energy and only use as much as is necessary.  Something to think about in this flailing world.

grizzly_bear3Mother bear is a wondrous healer for those with mother issues.  She is not only nurturing in a way that takes us straight back to the womb.  She bears her cubs while hibernating and keeps them safe a warm until late spring and then nurtures them for around two years, until they are ready to go on their own.  Mother bears stand up for their children and protect them.  There are very few things worse than coming between a mother bear and her cubs.  Imagine having a pissed off Mom who refuses to listen to reason, actually cuts you, and smashes you like being hit by a Humvee going at full speed.  That’s the way a protective mom should act.  And for those needing to feel that, have that, become that, it’s one of the best ways to get in touch with it.

Working with Bear in the Akashics is wonderful because you interact at so many levels -spiritual, mental, emotional- that is can reach deep to places you didn’t even realize you had or that needed the support.  We have the ability to expand the connection even further through our physical actions here.  Native American’s have for millennia honored bear through ritual, art, clothing, jewelry, and the respectful use of animal parts when a bear is taken for food.  Not wasting any part of the animal honors its sacrifice and keeps us in balance with the universe.

Hunting bear in the right and legal way where that is allowed is one way to increase our connection as long as the entire bear is harvested and utilized.  But there are less lethal and less personally dangerous ways to do so as well.  Alaska has a great deal to recommend it including safe ways to view bears up close.  And they have bear cams so those who wish to explore more about bear can do so from the safety of their computer.  Take a look hereor here….or here…..or here….or here