Learn How To Access Your Akashic Record

September 12-14, Montrose, PA

Based on my online Soul Book classes this 3 day workshop will allow my students to explore how to reach and interact in the Akashics.  Students will be introduced to their own soul book, what is known as an Akashic Record, delve into the details of their soul and what messages are provided by the book, as well as receive in-depth instruction into the various chapters within a soul book. This workshop is open to all levels, from the novice to the advanced student.  I will tailor the material to the interests and skill set of the participants so everyone receives a unique and personalized experience.

The workshop will include information from both my Level 1 and Level 2 Soul Book classes and may include more advanced teachings such as working with Totems or other areas of the Akashics if time permits.  Each student will receive bound copies of the online class material and cds with an audio version of the guided meditations.

Space is limited so register early to guarantee your spot:

Akashic Soul Book Workshop Sept 2014

For further details please send email to teri@spiritwithinus.com