People who are seeking answers through spiritual means are most likely to be familiar with psychic readings, tarot readings, or astrology.  Many times they go to a reader and have no specific question in mind and just want to be told “what it wants to tell me”.  Sometimes this is because they are just interested in the experience and sometimes this is because they have had readings before and they want to check out the quality of the reader they are working with that day in comparison.

All well and good, but working with your Soul Book is a bit different.  Tarot, to over simplify things, is a means to read your current life in all it’s aspects and can give you great insights into situations happening currently and near future events that have already been set into motion.  It is wonderful for clarifying things and helping to untangle interrelated situations, motivations, and mitigating factors as well as other’s actions and decisions that might be affecting you.  Astrology, again to over simplify, can tell you all about the structure of who you are starting from when you were born.  So it can give you a good understanding of who you are now and can give you insight into how you will react to situations based on your structure.

Your soul book is a record, an interactive record, but a record of everything you have been and are currently, including the part of your soul that is not currently experiencing an embodied life.  It contains all of your experiences, choices, lessons, challenges, wisdom and follies.  It has notes on your current life as well as everything else.  And it’s keyed to it all.  It doesn’t necessarily work to give information on your current life or any other.  In fact, it’s not geared up to give you any information any more than any other book is.  And it’s structure is not like a novel or a biography.  It is not structured to be read from cover to cover.  It is structured more like a computer, to be accessed through the use of requests or questions.  It will provide information based on those.  So active participation in the process is necessary to get the most out of the experience.  Be active, be inquisitive, be a participant in the process and you will gain remarkable insights into your life, your soul, and your path.