Was talking with a friend of mine and after a while I realized that we kept coming back to the same theme over an over again.  Good Boundaries.   And then we’d give a deep soulful sigh.  Do you think that’s a sign that we’ve finally learned something?

We talked about how difficult it can sometimes be to continue to interact with biological family when issues remain unresolved.  The best thing to do to maintain sanity and prevent abusive situations from recurring is to have good boundaries.  *sigh*  We talked about working with the public and balancing the passion we have for our craft and our careers with the needs of a public that may not understand what we do.  It can cause either hilarity or ‘oh my’ on any given day.  How to balance it and keep the passion?  Good boundaries.  *sigh*  We talked about working with and being teachers or authority figures in traditional and non-traditional teaching scenarios and how to deal with keep the relationship professional, how to transition from student/teacher to friend, and all the dance it takes in spiritual circles to keep things on track.  How?  Good boundaries.  *sigh*

Of course, sometimes you just have to step aside for a moment, drop all the baggage and effort and professionalism and just say “OH MY LORD”.  And that’s what friends are for.  As long as they have good boundaries.  🙂