It’s not about what companies do or our government does or what the people in power do, it’s about what we do.  I remember watching a show and a woman being interviewed looked into the camera and said “Where is away?  When we throw things ‘away’ where do they go?  There is no such place is ‘away’.  We need to stop magical thinking and start dealing with reality because nothing we do is without consequences.”  Love that.

So there is no away.  And there is also no female minority in the United States.  Women make up 52% of the population and therefore cannot be a repressed minority.  So why are we not represented proportionally in…well…everything?  Are we waiting for someone to fix that for us?  Are we waiting for someone to grant us power?  Guess what?  Ain’t gonna happen.  And by the way, by sheer numbers we are in power.  So what are we gonna do about it?  We waiting for some magic wand to come from ‘away’ to fix the issue(s)?  Can we get over that now?

And the financial thing, the 99% and the 1%, we know that our money is our vote, right?  That how we spend our money doesn’t just tell people our opinion, it physically makes things happen.  So what you buy has more effect than just paying someone’s wages here in town, it also pays corporations and manufacturing plants and the use of resources, etc, etc, etc.  What each of us does affects the world and changes it, creates it.  So the world is not the way it is just because of some rich white guys ‘out there’ somewhere ‘away’ from us, it’s about what we do.  Every day.  What are you doing today to make things the way you want them?