Teresa Wenzler DesignerAs someone who comes from an indigenous culture with a rich oral tradition, I know first hand the power of story in our lives.  I point this out to my clients.  In the end we are the stories we tell whether that is to others or to ourselves.  And when we change the story we radically shift our identity and our perception of the world around us.  But practical story telling here in the physical is about language.  Spoken or visual language, written or enacted, it’s all about words and the meaning we invest them with.  The storyteller creates the words and weaves them into a story, then the listeners receive the story and invest it with meaning.  Sometimes that meaning is the same as the one intended by the storyteller and sometimes not.  Such is the nature, mystery and magic of stories.

Stories are part of life in the Akashics as well.  However, storytelling is a bit different.  Communication between beings in the Akashics is not via sound waves and spoken or written language necessarily, but through thought and emotion.  Stories are not told so much as lived and in the living those who are listening to the story live them too.  Worlds come into being, live, and fall away in the matter of moments.  Sunlight bursts from darkness, colors flow into shapes, matter and energy dance and meaning comes into being.  Storytellers are the stories they tell in a very real, holistic, full body way which helps create the world around them.  They weave experience into their audience which becomes an integral part of who they are.

In this life there are stories that carry us away, make us think, inspire us to new ways of living. Today’s storytellers are writers and movie makers and their works have added a great deal to our culture: Star Wars, the Matrix, Star Trek, Firefly, Harry Potter and many others.  What story are you sharing with the world right now and what story have you not yet dared to write?