Working with the Akashics brings home to me, over and over again, what spiritual figures, religions, and indigenous cultures around the globe have been telling us for millenia:  It’s all connected.  We are all integral parts of one community.

So when I read this, I felt the truth of it in my soul:

The Times newspaper had asked a number of authors to write on the topic: “What’s wrong with the world?”  G.K. Chesterton was one of them.  And his answer at that time was the shortest of those submitted – he simply wrote: “Dear Sirs, I am. Sincerely yours, G.K. Chesterton”.

Because the difficulties of the world, war and poverty and hunger and disease, aren’t ‘out there’.  They are right here because nothing is separate.  Nothing is other.  Life is a cooperative effort each and every day.  Which can seem overwhelming.  Because what can one person do to alleviate the worlds problems?  What can one person do to deal with such massive issues.

And that’s just it.  No one person can deal with the massive problems.  But they don’t have to.  That’s the mystery and the magic of it.  No one person made them, no one person keeps them going and no one person can manifest the cure.  But one person can foster change through their choices and their actions each day.  If we are all connected, then each choice we make is part of the whole, so if we choose to do something differently, if we choose to help, if we choose to think a different way, then we are part of the change.  We are part of what helps solve those problems, one act at a time.  And if you don’t think that one act means anything, look at a lake or a river or an ocean.  Because they are made up one drop at a time and added together they are a force of nature that we still have not been able to conquer for all our vaunted knowledge and power.  Or look at a sandy beach.  It’s all made of tiny pieces of rock and glass, one piece at a time.

So challenge yourself.  Look at the world as Tom Shadyac has and see that the answer, to “What is right about the world?” is “I am”.