There are things about the Akashics and about ourselves that we only learn from long association and examination.  One of those things is that there is a limit to how many answers you get even if there’s no limit to the questions you feel the need to ask.  I’m not talking about the small stuff questions like “What should I wear today?” or “Will there be cute guys/girls at the mall/bar/party tonight?”  I’m talking the big questions that people reach out to readers and mediums and the Akashics in order to get the answers.  You know, like “Who am I?”, “What’s the purpose of my life?”, “Should I choose this career or that?”,”Should I get married?”,”Should I get divorced?”, “Will I ever be happy?”

For those questions, there is a limit to how many answers we can take in and process.  Just like there’s a limit to how much food we can take in at any meal.  The stomach is a physical organ that obeys the laws of matter and quantum physics and so has a load capacity.  And the body tries valiantly (If only sometimes marginally successfully) to enforce our good health by keeping us within those limits.  So too does your soul book and the beings in the Akashics.  Because just like digesting a meal, we need to digest the answers we have received.  We need to incorporate them into our identity, our understanding of the world around us.  And the process of incorporating them isn’t just an intellectual pursuit.  It means applying them in our actions, taking them into account in our interactions with others, working through them so that we make them a part of us holistically and completely, however we end up doing that.

If we don’t do this, if we choose to ignore the answers or to simply acknowledge them intellectually and don’t apply them, we aren’t allowed to move forward.  I have seen soul books go completely blank when additional questions are asked after a certain point.  Or if the same question is asked at a later date.  I associate this as the ‘pearls before swine’ effect.  Why answer again if the first answer wasn’t accepted and used?  Beings in the Akashics respond this way as well.  Because the relationship between the questioner and the Akashics, both soul book and beings, isn’t a one way street.  It’s a conversation, a relationship which, just like here, runs well on trust and respect.  You don’t have to agree with what you’re told, you don’t have to implement it the way its been suggested, but ignoring what’s been said and continuously asking for a different answer using the same question, will get you dirty looks and eventually will end the conversation. Because who wants to talk with someone who is rude and doesn’t listen?

So in working with the Akashics is a 1 step/2 step process.  First, ask the question and receive the answer.  Second, apply the information, work with it, figure it out, make it your own and become.  Then go back and start with the first thing again.  You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out….