Many of us feel that we are seeking that ‘special someone’.  That person who will love us perfectly and unconditionally.  The person who will make everything make sense and change our feelings of loneliness to partnership.  And yet the people we bring into our lives are most definately NOT that.  Even worse, they are often they same type of person over and over and so we suffer through the same issues and emotions in a never-ending parade of ‘Why me?’.

In your soul book in the Akashics are answers to these questions and more.  You have left notes to yourself on who your soul mate is and how/when you will meet them and what to do when that occurs.  The answers can be startling, amazing, and life altering.

The Akashics will also have answers to your current dating dilemmas which are very rarely what most suggest, bad judgment and a masochistic need for the wrong person in your life.  You do have the ability to make good choices.  Understanding what it is you are striving to achieve through your relationship choices can help you understand how to make better ones.