Divine MasculineMale/Female, Mars/Venus, Patriarchy/Matriarchy….the experience of being one or the other of these archetypes is a defining characteristic of our being and part of our identity.  This is currently being highlighted by increasing awareness of the LGBTQ community and their struggles for recognition and acceptance.  Who we are biologically, mentally, emotionally does not define us and isn’t a determining factor in who we can be or become, but it is a part of the equation and, really, part of each and every equation in our lives.

It is so integral to who we are, not only individually but culturally, that it has become a lens  through which we see the Universe around us.  Religion is rife with universal principles and concepts being assigned a gender and therefore making spiritual authority reside within one gender or another.  Indigenous cultures are sometimes dragged into this discussion as a symbol of how spirituality can be more balanced and without hierarchy within the sexes, but this is usually done by people who are not from those cultures or have an incomplete or mistaken understanding of the culture that is connected with the spirituality.  Being indigenous or ancient does not necessarily mean being more wise or fostering more equality.  The war of the sexes seems to be ancient and is probably derives from the time that we differentiated into male and female.

That being said, sexuality and our experience of the world from one perspective or another or a combination of both or neither is unique to this physical existence.  In the Akashics, while beings may present themselves as either male or female in order to communicate clearly with us, they are not differentiated sexually.  Rather than being some universal principle that defines the universe, sexual differentiation is something that we choose to participate in here because of the unique opportunity.  Somewhat like we choose a character to portray during Halloween -putting on a costume, gathering props, wearing makeup and wigs and fake teeth- we come into a body in order to experience a different way of being from what to us is normal.   We come here for a brief time to look at the world from a different perspective, interact with it in a new way, feel what it feels like to participate in a plethora of activities through a form that is wondrous and full of possibilities.

Working in the Akashics can be disorienting in part because we are experiencing it from this frame of reference which it doesn’t utilize.  Like going to a party expecting to enjoy the conversation and realizing that you’ve been speaking Pig Latin all this time while the people at the party are speaking normal English.  It takes time to readjust, but you do.  It can also be confusing at first because the concepts of male/female are so foundational to our understanding of pretty much everything, kinda like the knowledge that gravity is a thing that will always be there hence stuff falls if you let it go.  The notion of male and female in the Akashics is just another symbol, another means of communication, a way to express something so that we can understand.  It enriches our understanding of ourselves, of the universe, of everything that is, but it shouldn’t be a hindrance and it certainly shouldn’t become some square page we try to force into a round hole, trying to make things be male or female when they are not.  In the Akashics, things simply are.