This morning I had the opportunity to participate in a Crystal Singing Bowl event or “bowling” as my sister calls it.  My sister Margaret Joyce is a gifted sound healer and a singing bowl practitioner.  Crystal singing bowls are clear quartz crystal grown in labs to produce bowls much like Tibetan singing bowls.  They are played by either striking -gently- with a striker or by rubbing the striker around the rim of the bowl.  This produces a harmonic sound that affects the personal on a multitude of levels.

Margaret has over 20 bowls of various sizes and tones.  She plays these somewhat like an instrument combining tones and rhythms to create a spiritual music unique to the participants and that moment in time.  People participate by being present and listening, most often while lying on the floor since the experience will relax you so deeply you may fall asleep.  Each bowling session is unique and having experienced many I can say that each is profound and yet varies from lightening people’s attitudes and inspiring them to helping heal physical ailments and adjusting perceptions of ongoing life situations.  It’s always amazing, always good, and it gives me a chance to visit with my sister.  🙂

So that’s where I was when I should have been blogging.  I’ll be on the job tomorrow, but until then, have a great weekend.  I’ll be here vibrating and smiling….