Relationships are about so many things, but one very important component is communication.  It’s about shared experience, whether that is in doing something together, or in relating something you’ve done do someone who cares and ‘gets it’ or just ‘gets’ you.  We are social beings and a part of a healthy life is being connected with others.  So communicating, verbally, non-verbally or otherwise (I like to suggest interpretive dance just because in many situations it would be ludicrous and hilarious) is necessary for life.

Which is one reason someone leaving our life can be so devastating.  Why we have coined the phrase ‘closure’ to related to the ending of a relationship or situation.  If we have things that we need to say or that we need others to say to us, and that doesn’t happen, we feel as the issue is never quite complete, that we are not quite complete.  And while time heals all wounds, some things stick like a splinter.  You know it’s there, it may not be doing any harm, but it is very annoying.

When someone passes on into the next phase of life, connection seems to end.  Which is why we build memorials.  It is a way for us to express what we are feeling in the moment, how we value the individual and allows us to continue the conversation that was our relationship with them.  Because we aren’t done even though they seemingly are.  I say seemingly because souls are eternal.  Life doesn’t end when the embodied life does.  However, just like with everything else, there are logistics to be attended to.

Each person is unique and therefore their path from this life back to the wholeness of their true life in the Akashics is unique to them.  For some it is quick for others it is relaxed and takes a bit of time. For some it is traumatic and full of fear, for others it is a time to recognize mission accomplished and to allow the feeling of release after a long hard job completed.  For some, checking in on all their loved ones to make sure that all is well and that they are able to say their good-byes is something they desire as well as something they are capable of doing.  So messages of various kinds are sent to the loved ones such as dreams, synchronicities, messages in comments from conversations overheard and the like.  Some of the grieving loved ones are receptive to these and others are not.  Just like any other conversation being had on any other day.  Some people either aren’t able to stay long enough to send messages and say good-byes or are too traumatized or focused in order to do so.  Which is neither good nor bad. It is just the way things are for that individual.

What I point out to my clients who are grieving is that the conversation is not at an end after this initial event.  Just because the person has left the physical plane doesn’t mean that they can’t hear you and can’t respond.  But that can’t start right away.  Because after we are done with this body, we go home and enter into seclusion for our life review.  This is not a time when we are graded on our life or punished or scolded for wrong doings, but a time when we fully remember who we actually are, open up are awareness to comprehend the full meaning of why we embodied, then integrate all we have learned and work through the learning, wisdom, enlightenment, and becoming that is in this life as we have lived it.  This takes time 4-8 months in linear time is around the average.  During this time the being is not available for communication at all and so it is common to not feel their presence in your life other than from memories and objects around you.

But don’t despair.  Once they are done with this process they are available to pick up where you left off.  So keep talking to them, thinking about them, prayer for them, and loving them.  Because the connection continues…