Times they are a changin’, as Bob Dylan would say.   How humans live and interact with each other is changing.  It’s noticeable because it doesn’t happen in a really slow progression, if you’ll look back at history.  It comes in something like waves.  Industrial revolution, scientific revolution, Renaissance, WWI/WWII, just to name a few.  Current we’re looking at social media, smart technology, and internet connectivity changing not only how we interact but in some ways how we think.  It’s certainly changing our definition of community.  And that’s just one of the changes underway.

A fundamental change in how women perceive themselves and how we interact is underway, not in a radical feminist movement, but in a groundswell of change that is starting with things such as cultural discussion about the role of women in Islam and how Sharia Law mandates things that are not in the Koran, and allowing women the freedoms, autonomy, and sovereignty, and respect that is available in the Koran.  As it will be integrated into the individual applications and cultural settings of each individual community.  There are all kinds of changes happening in various aspects of the life all over the world.  And we are not alone in working to make that happen here.

Free will exists and is paramount so no being has the right to abrogate another’s free will and there are repercussions when such things happen not only here, but in the Akashics as well.  To the Paradigm shift isn’t being done to us, we are choosing to do so and there is a team of beings in the Akashics that is monitoring this process and supporting it. Think of the support group for a sports team or the NASA scientists working to make the Mars missions happen.  They can’t play the game for the team, they can’t fly the rocket there, but they can provide support so that the goal is achieved in the best way possible.  Or has the ability to do so.  Which means there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

It takes a village…to raise a child…to live an embodied life…to support cultural change.  I for one am honored and humbled to be part of the team.