“So where do I go from here?”  “I think I know where I’m going but I want to be sure…” “I’m headed in the right direction but I think there’s more…”  We all want to be on our best path for a successful and happy and fulfilling life.  Although we’d all pretty much settle for happy, when it comes down to it. 🙂

More people are aware of what direction they should go or what skills they have than you would think.  Many people dream or daydream about the life they could have ‘if only…’   If only they weren’t so scared to try.  If only they had enough money to get started.  If only they had support or knew that they were on the right track.  Fear of failure holds back so many people from achieving their dreams.  Because they see the dream as one specific goal that is ‘do or die’ instead of being a journey.  If I don’t get a yoga studio, if I don’t become a famous healer, if I’m not able to support myself and travel worldwide then why would I do it?  I would be a failure.  And being a failure at my spiritual path is a condemnation of my soul, right?

But failure is part of success.  Failing at one thing can point is in the right direction to success.  Sometimes we need to try something and fail in order to make the right connection that leads us to the amazing joyous things that are life is here to show us.  All successful people have failed 99 times to reach success through their 100th attempt.  So don’t keep yourself from trying something because of fear.  And don’t think that the goal is the point.  It’s the doing that gets you to the goal that is the point.  And if you are working towards your dream, towards  your best and most perfect life, then the universe is going to support you in doing it.  And the Akashics can provide you with the sign post that points you in the right direction if you don’t already know the way to go.