There are two key components to an embodied life:  Free Will and the body helps us forget who we are.  Free will means that we have the right to choose in every action in every moment what we will or won’t do.  Yes, there are factors influencing those choices, but in the end, we make a choice.  Or don’t, which is actually making a choice not to choose.  It hurts, I know.  Just don’t think about it and the pain will go away.

The body is built to condense our essence, our beingness which I liken to steam when in its natural state, into this form.  The body is not a meat car we are driving around, it is an integral part of who we are in part created by our beingness or soul.  In order to focus on this life, which we took great pains to be in, which we chose and were not forced into, the body helps us forget all the unnecessary stuff like all of the details of our past lives, what we do when we aren’t here, our teachers and guides and soul group, all of it.  Because the point is to be here and we don’t have that much time here.  Oh, and we are supposed to experience time as linear when it really isn’t so the body puts in that mode as well.

childrens toysBut that process, just like any other, isn’t instantaneous.   From years 0 to 7 we are not only integrating into our bodies and learning how they function and how they interrelate with the world around them, we are forgetting who we truly are.  Which is why, when a child is born, we see them as such amazing beings ‘trailing clouds of glory’ in their wake.  Let alone the instincts built into us so that we don’t abandon or destroy them at this critical phase.  (And don’t tell me that most parents consider one or both throughout the younger years of childrearing.  I know better.) They are so little here and so much of their true spiritual selves at that point we can’t help but respond.  And as they grow they also lessen that memory, that attachment to their other self as they become engrossed in this life.  Which is why most reports of past life memories come from children.  They have full access to them.

Regardless of whether they actually consciously remember and report on that memory, they can remember.  If you ask a small child pointed questions about who they were or are, you will see the shift come over their face as they take on the wise old man look of someone beyond their years and answer you from that eternal place or from the facet of themselves that is from a previous life personality.  Then they will shift back and go back to playing.  As it should be.