Everyone has a best life.  Everyone has a path to follow that makes the best sense for them.  The thing is, we think of it like some paved walking path in a park or a road with clear lines and road signs which guides us along.  And that’s not always the case.  Sometimes the path is to find your best way through the underbrush to reach the top of the hill.  Which is a beautiful combination of your ability in the moment, your perspective from where you are, what is growing and what state it’s in, where you started from and the weather at the time.  All of this combines, hopefully in harmony, to make your best path to the top.  And other times you are out of sync and instead of getting there the most beautiful way that provides the most meaning and the most spectacular view, you end up frustrated, exhausted, and not caring what the *#&(#@$ there to see and just need self-care to recoup.

So here’s the thing:  when you ask about your best life or the path you are supposed to take know that it may not look anything like you think it will and that it may lead you in ways you don’t recognize right now.  For some it means healing old hurts which have been there “forever” and coped with, but now need to be finally and completely healed.  Which is a journey in and of itself but is necessary if you are going to live to your full potential.  For some it means doing something really hard like letting go of the identity they have built through years of hard work and experience.  Because that old identity was great at getting them to this point but is now holding them back from experiencing their true nature.  For others it is looking up from the details of the everyday and the small goals to see the bigger picture.  To see that the box they have been told to live in is very small indeed and that they can construct a much bigger and better box or choose not to live in any box at all.

For some the scariest part of things is that their best path isn’t a path laid out before them but a menu of choices.  They aren’t being told what is best, they are being given options and therefore have to actively participate in creating their best life.  Which to me is the most exciting and terrifying and fun and joyous part of the entire thing.  But perhaps I’m just odd that way.

So when you are looking for your path and purpose in life, expect the unexpected.  Because you are far more than any box yet devised. You are a work of art and your purpose and your path will be a testament to that.