Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) has published a new article on the Akashics.  It’s  adapted from Kevin J. Todeschi’s book Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records: The Book of Life, and is a good summary of Edgar Cayce’s take on the Akashics and the view point of the Association.  It has quite a bit of good information concerning the Akashics and is an interesting read.

Unlike many people who write about or work with the Akashics, Edgar Cayce came to it from a Christian perspective and provided insights on how the Bible acknowledges its existence and points out how we interact with it.  Interestingly the article doesn’t note that all the references come from the Old Testament nor does it acknowledge Kabbalah and it’s connection with the Akashics although there is a nod towards Hebrew knowledge of it.  It’s worth it to mention that while the Christian perspective tends to lead writers to describe the Akashics as an oracle or an overarching persona which is guiding and interacting with our lives as if it were some singular spirit watching the every movement of the sparrow, in all other ways the descriptions and analogies fit with my experience of the Akashics and that of my peers and community.  Ok, the computer analogy is a bit of a stretch but it does get the point across.

Also, while the article notes the Theosophists somewhat in passing, I think because it is a bridge step between the historicity of the Bible and the contemporary nature of Edgar Cayce’s work, it doesn’t mention any other culture’s interaction with it which seems a bit contrary as the word Akashic and Akasha come from Hinduism.  It does mention Egyptian culture in passing concerning the notion of identity being connected with the symbols and sounds which we correlate to names.

So for a good article about Edgar Cayce’s Akashic work and the Akashics in general from a Christian perspective, I recommend this.