People talk about the manifestation process as if it’s a magic wand they need to locate and then everything will just appear.  Pop!  Well, it just isn’t so.  It might be that way if the world was actually a mechanism like science has taught us to believe.  If things were just things, if humans were replaceable cogs which can be quantified and mathematically accounted for.  If it was just one big equation then Pop! would make sense.  But it’s not. Hence things derive down to timing.

So if you’ve worked with the Akashics to make your manifestation request, have set everything in motion that you can, gone through every manifestation process that you know, and nothing’s happening yet don’t take action.  Reflect.  (Ok, that’s an action, but its an internal facing one.  It’s Tuesday..what do you expect?)  There are two main categories of responses you can receive to such an undertaking.  One is active feedback, the other is silence.  We’ve all been through the latter numerous times.  It feels like we’ve done everything and we are stuck beating our head against a wall.  It can drive you to scream at the Universe using creative language that comes only to the despairing in times of…well…despair.   Many if not most of the reasons for this is not that the goal is wrong, it’s that the specific means you are using to achieve that goal don’t work for one reason or another.  Like trying to be happy while staying in a failed marriage for the kids sake and wondering why you can’t be happy no matter what you do.  Or staying in a profession that you are incredibly good in, but can’t get ahead no matter what you try.  The answer might be, stop trying and look at other answers.  There may be more happiness in leaving the marriage and there might just be someone new that will make you exquisitely happy if you learn and become what is ahead of you right now.  There might be a job that is better suited to you and makes you deliriously happy if you stop worrying about the one you are in, the money, the opinions of others, etc.

So no response and no movement ahead can represent a “no” response.  On the other hand, it could mean that it’s about spiritual timing. Because we aren’t living in a mechanistic universe, we’re living in one full of sentient beings, ecosystems, societies, cultures, etc, etc, etc.  There are an infinite number of interconnections between things and people, each with its own rules and laws of physics.  Putting your request into this mix is great, but requires patience.  Because the response might be immediate if ‘all the planets align,’ but it might also take a bit for everyone to get in the right place for things to start falling into place.  So sometimes you may have and are doing all the right things, in the right order, and aren’t getting what you want to fall into your lap.  Is that a “no”?  Nope, it’s a be patient scenario.  And look for synchronicities and affirmations.  Because it’s not that the universe doesn’t agree or isn’t working it, it’s just that it isn’t there yet.  So look for the signs that things are in the works.  Little things, comments from others, something working right the first time, something you need for this particular facet of things coming at exactly the right time, and you can then know that it’s all going to be all right.  It’s just about the spiritual timing.

So when things don’t happen Pop! stop and reflect.  Is this me being stuck because I’m asking for the wrong thing, asking in the wrong way, getting in my own way, not seeing what I should be doing for all the doing that I’m trying not to be doing any more, or is this just a matter of being patient and allowing things to unfold for me.