When you know that there is more that you’re supposed to do with this life.  When you know that you are being called to do something.  When you know you have gifts but you don’t know what to do with them or what it all means.  When you get to that point of frustration where it all crescendos into “What????  What????  What do I do???”  That’s the point at which you have to get it done.

Because at some point you really do have to confront that issue that you’ve been putting off.  You have to heal that one thing that’s been nagging forever.  You do have to go into the cave and deal with your true self.  At some point you have to do the heavy lifting, the transformational work, the letting go of the identity which is comfortable with “I get to it some day.”

The day in which you realize you really are being called to do something with your life is the day when you need to give up that old identity.  It’s the day when the transformation needs to begin. When you need to look yourself in the mirror and apologize for all the days when you let yourself down by saying ‘someday’.  For all the times you gave up your own power and relinquished it to Fate or Luck or someone else’s whim.  You gave it to the parents who didn’t do the right thing, to the abuser who victimized you, to your family’s economic status, your spouse’s issues, to the kids and the situation and everything else that seemed to matter more than you.

The day when you are called is the day when you take all of those excuses, see them as little fortune cookie papers and dump them in the blazing fire of “Oh, I don’t think so.”  And as they burn you see yourself in that light and realize you’re ready.  You can do this.  You will become the priority of your life and from that blazing glory of authenticity you will light the way for all the important people in your life to do the same.

Because at some point you have to.