If you think there’s another shoe to drop somewhere and you go looking for it, you’ll probably find it.  What’s worse is that because you are focused on finding it, if it isn’t there you’ll go get a shoe and set it up so it falls.  Or react as if its going to fall and so do ‘preventative’ steps to stay out of its way.  That’s not say that we should go through life not looking for that other shoe or recognize when a shoe is being set up to drop on us.  However, it shouldn’t be the theme song that is playing in the background of our entire life like an 80’s drama.

Too much of anything isn’t good whether that is joy or pleasure or wariness or preparation.  I mean, they now have a show about Doomsday Preppers because it’s fun to watch people whose pendulum has swung that far into “What If”.   I might also point out the coupon shopper show which helps people buy too much of seeming food products for no money.  It’s like watching a train wreck as guided by the conductor.  Being over vigilant tips us over the edge into manifesting the things we are watching out for.   Being that focused on what might happen and always having a cloud over our heads and bad luck is a signal.  It’s a red flag, not that the person has bad luck or lousy karma, but that they have something that needs to be healed.

Underneath all the events is a wounded person who has wrapped themselves up on a survivors identity which is stuck swinging between finding some way to climb out of this mess and facilitating the mess because that’s how they perceive the world.  They see their constant bad luck like gravity.  It’s just there to be coped with.  But bad luck and negative karma aren’t gravity.  They are symptoms of deep wounds that can be healed.  They are sign posts that ask the person to look within, not to fix what is broken, but to heal what has been hurt.  Every one of deserves a hero, someone to swoop in and help, to support us when we are least capable, to wrap themselves around us and tell us everything is going to be all right.  What we don’t usually realize is we are that person.  That hero is us.